ABARA’s Luxury Restoration

We believe that caring and restoring your luxury handbag to its pristine state is the least that we can do for our sustainability initiative. To prolong the use of your handbag reduces fashion waste and contributes to the restoration of the environment in which we live. ABARA’s international-standard service atelier provides luxury care for your treasured accessories including specialist cleaning, re-colouring, restoring and repair of leather and fabric bags, wallets, shoes, belts and related small goods. With years of experience and expertise in luxury bag repair and restoration, our goal is to preserve the pristine condition of your luxury items, enhancing their beauty and prolonging their use.

ABARA’s Restoration

Designer Bag Repair, Restoration & Cleaning Services In Singapore


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- Leather Cleaning
- Interior Cleaning
- Total Cleaning
- Bag Spa


- Waterproofing (Only protects bag against light & water)


- Exterior Repair
- Lining Repair

New Look

- Full Colour Restoration
- Full Colour Transformation (Dependant on leather colour)
- Leather Strap Sealing