At ABARA, we have a team of luxury bag designers and artisans ready to handcraft your dream bag, translating your imagination into reality. You are your own designer – feel the suppleness of the leather, choose the intricacy of the stitching, select the shape and structure of the bag, and we’ll create it for you.

Only the finest materials and craftsmanship is used at ABARA. Our Grade 1 leather is sustainably sourced from precisely the same tannery that the French luxury houses use. It can be made buttery-soft or structured according to your preference, dyed to the exact shade of your favourite colour, and personalised with 18K gold-plated hardware sized and positioned according to your specifications.

Our team, carefully chosen from among the best in the industry, has decades of experience producing luxury leather goods. Throughout the process, you’ll have access to your own personal designer to guide you through, and our team of artisans who will work their expertise on every detail of your dream bag.

At the end of it all, your dream bag is just within reach: A piece that’s custom-made for you and only you - the only one of its kind in the world, and an heirloom piece you can pass down to your daughters and granddaughters.

Send in your enquiry to us via email or phone – we’re reachable at or at +65 8030 6838.

Getting Started

In the initial meeting with your designer, you’ll get to know each other and we’ll show you the samples. This is also where you unleash your creative streak and describe your dream bag for us in every detail – feel free to bring a mood board and images, or even your own drawings.

As you describe the look and function of your dream bag, your designer will create professional sketches from a few different angles, translating your ideas onto paper. We pride ourselves on detail – you’ll be able to customise the lining, the dimensions, even the size and thickness of the stitches. As part of the custom process, we’ll also take your measurements on the spot to ensure that the bag is proportionate to your unique frame.

This is also where you get to choose the colour and finish you like from our swatches. Again, our designer will be on hand for advice on which combinations go best together.

Follow-up & Prototype

Upon confirming the details of your bag, a deposit is required for us to begin the process of working on your bespoke creation.

We understand how important it is for you to see your ideas in real life first, which is why we build a prototype for you. An ABARA artisan will handcraft a true-to-size model of your bag for you with every detail you requested, down to the pockets. This model is typically made from fabric, and will be ready for you about a month or so from confirmation, so you can examine it and try it on.

At this point, you can still make tweaks if needed, and we can create more prototypes for you until the bag is perfect.

Final Revision & Confirmation

Once you’ve given the green light for the prototype, we’ll proceed with ordering the materials, which are often made to order and have a waiting period of up to two months.

When the materials arrive, our ABARA artisans will begin the creation of the actual bag, which takes up to three weeks. The process includes cutting the leather to size and stitching it together by hand, carefully inking the edges for protection, and adding details like pockets and 18K gold-plated hardware. For glossy finishes, we use an agate stone to hand-polish the leather until it acquires a soft shine. Finally, if personalisation was requested, we emboss the personalised name or saying in gold or silver.

Quality Assurance, Inspections & Delivery

Once your bespoke bag is created and finished, we inspect it thoroughly to ensure that it meets all of your specifications and our high quality standards.

After inspection, your bag is lovingly packaged in a velvety-soft cotton dust bag and box, along with an authenticity card and a note on care instructions.

Your bag is hand-delivered to you at your doorstep, and you can begin enjoying your own bespoke creation.

“I love my ABARA bags because they are classic yet fashion-forward; and combine this with their good craftsmanship and it means I will be able to wear it for a long

Miss Fang Xiaojiao,
Hebei Province

“My ABARA bag is made with such good quality leather and the versatile designs can
be used for work and weekends; they have thoughtful straps and spaces for all the
everyday essentials I need.”

Miss Chong Sanxia,
Lanzhou Province

“ABARA designs make great statement pieces and even better conversational pieces and my friends are always asking me where I find such perfect bags to go with every

Miss Poh Mei Li,
Yingkou Province