Our Philosophy

ABARA’s name is an acronym for the cherished values of the brand.
ABARA: Authentic. Bespoke. Aspirational. Respectful. Artisanal.

“The process of developing one’s authentic style is a constantly evolving story;
It is an accumulation of knowledge and one’s life experience over the years, and as personal as your thumbprint.”

- Yuki Yang.


Every piece at ABARA is authentic to our vision: Each of our carefully designed handbags embody authenticity in craftsmanship and material, and each creation thoughtfully enables you to become your true, authentic self.


ABARA creations are bespoke designs that are a perfect fit to express the nuances of who you truly are. We believe that our bespoke features and details will conjure your dream bag in the perfect proportions, colour, texture and hardware that express your authentic spirit. One of our USPs is to make a fully-customised dream bag: ABARA can make you a unique bag that’s custom-made for you and only you. This one of its kind creation is a personal expression of your style, and because it is made with integrity, it can be an heirloom piece which you can pass down through the generations.


ABARA aspires for you to be the best version of yourself. We believe that we must always aspire to be the best in whatever we do, be it design or craftsmanship, and we believe that our products will inspire you to be the best that you can be. Realising her aspirations has enabled ABARA’s founder Yuki Yang to attain her dreams.

She transcended her humble beginnings (like many other iconic designers in fashion history) to live the life she aspired to. As a child, Ms. Yang had always been drawn to beauty, and to the style and allure of the fashion industry. By sheer hard work, she ascended through the ranks of retail, learning the process of designing and creating luxury handbags, how to source the best materials, and the subtle touches that take a bag from ordinary to extraordinary. She developed an impeccable eye for detail and began to creating her own bags. From her aspirations ABARA was born.


ABARA is respectful of the environment: The fine leathers we use are sustainably sourced from precisely the same tannery that the French luxury houses use. All our leathers are CITES certified, and are environmentally responsible and sustainably- sourced. We are conscious of the impact of fashion waste and we have designed our products to be gentle on the environment. Instead of the buy-and-throw culture of mass fashion, our handbags are made to last.

One of ABARA’s key USPs is that every handbag we make can be repaired and restored to its original condition. ABARA is also respectful of the craftsmanship and traditons that we employ in making our bags; our artisans come carefully chosen from among the best in the industry, bringing decades of skills, integrity and experience into the creation of your handbag.


ABARA is lovingly created in every detail: Each handbag represents the passion of its creators and craftsmen, imbuing it with that uniquely artisanal, human touch. Each lovingly handcrafted bag takes hundreds of hours of design and craftsmanship, and is created from the highest-quality materials known to the world of fashion.

The ABARA atelier comprises a team of experienced designers and craftsmen based in Singapore. Our craftsmanship team, carefully chosen from among the best in the industry, has decades of experience producing luxury exotic leather goods.

ABARA prioritizes uncompromising quality in its handmade products. Handled delicately, close attention to detail is devoted to the finest and highest quality materials from our world-leading tannery that supplies high-quality exotic leather to major international fashion houses and discerning customers globally.

ABARA's Promise

Uncompromising Quality

Handled delicately, attention to detail is devoted to our finest and highest quality materials from a world-leading tannery that supplies high-quality exotic leather to major international fashion houses and customers globally.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

All our bags are handmade by experts in the industry in Singapore and require hundreds of different steps and hours to complete. The process is tedious and handling crocodile leather requires years of training and experience.

Exclusive Personalization

Our customization process isn’t limited to selecting a style or colour. It also includes being able to select a lining leather finish of your choice and embossing your name on your bag to make it truly yours.