What Is A Quiet Luxury Bag?

by ABARA SG on Jan 25, 2023

What Is A Quiet Luxury Bag?

Dear Ms Style,

These days, when people talk about luxury designer handbags, the common phrase "It Bags", is less heard 0f, and hardly ever written about. The importance of “It Bags” seems to have been replaced by "quiet luxury bags." The definition of this phrase combines ease, subtlety, and quality craftsmanship without prominent logos, or ostentatious, gimmicky hardware. This doesn’t mean that these bags are completely unidentifiable despite a lack of obvious branding. Rather, quiet luxury bags feature discreet signature clasps and unique silhouettes that only fashion experts can recognise.

In the niche of Singapore luxury bags, a noteworthy newcomer is ABARA, who make top quality quiet luxury bags. Its sleek bag silhouettes, such as the Weekend Clutch, are resonating with shoppers, making it one of the only bag brands to successfully break into the luxury-bag market here. This shows the rise in the quiet-luxury category for fashion lovers and handbag enthusiasts.


Launched in the last two years, ABARA—the brainchild of founder and designer Yuki Yang Yan—is known for its logo-less bags that are finished with its signature metal hardware. ABARA’s luxury bags are known for their cult status among fashion's insiders, editors and influencers. ABARA’s Tr'Apeze Bag, in particular, is a signature top handle bag that is practically free of branding, except for the “A” clasp.

This custom-made gold “A” clasp actually takes inspiration from the brand’s name. Otherwise, ABARA bags are simply characterised by its clean and sleek lines, making them seasonless, functional, and beautifully classic. Another example of ABARA’s inconspicuous, elegant, and quiet luxury is its crossbody bag the Keeps'Ake, one of the most notable designs in seasons.

Also, with the 1990s trend still very much alive in 2023, fashion lovers are always on the lookout for designs with a pared-back minimalism. This trend is distilled into ABARA’s B’Aguette bag, a simple leather shoulder bag which has been in high demand due to its versatility and travel-worthiness!

Choosing to shift away from hype, celebrity-focus and logos means that ABARA’s customer appreciates our understated style. ABARA serves a niche clientele that requires anonymous chic. They believe that less is more and they carefully select products that are about beauty, craftsmanship and quality. This then is the new quiet luxury.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team