by ABARA SG on Jan 21, 2023


Dear Reader,

And just like that, we hop into the Year of the Water Rabbit!

Legend has it that the signs of the zodiac are derived from the charming story of how Buddha, when he was about to leave the earth, called all the animals to him for a farewell banquet. Only twelve creatures came; So as a reward, Buddha named each of the 12 animals to a year, in the order in which they appeared at the feast.

But legends aside, what will the new year bring? According to Chinese astrology experts, the Rabbit represents peace and patience; it is gentle and thoughtful, and considers things carefully before acting, so expect a lot of the languid and the mild. In the spirit of the Rabbit, let’s all approach challenges and opportunities calmly and rationally in the months to come: Keep calm and carry on…

The Water element adds an extra focus on intuition, emotional healing and inner peace; Water in all cultures symbolize the unconscious wisdom, instincts and emotions. You can choose to focus on this inner energy and focus on reaching out and connecting to loved ones, and those who are significant in our lives. It is great to do this at any time but especially now, because the Rabbit is known for to connect people and promotes harmonious relationships. This element also means a high degree of adaptability – water can flow anywhere. Expect quick change and opportunities to flexibly adapt to every situation.

The good news is: The Rabbit represents wealth and prosperity, so it’s a great time to focus on our finances and plans to enrich yourself. Utmost caution is a must, when you invest your hard-earned money so stay vigilant, and be quick in recognizing potential scams which abound these days.

In terms of love, the year 2023 will be defined by positive emotions. Follow your passions, and indulge in relationships that are close to your heart. The year of the Water Rabbit creates optimal conditions for the start of new romantic relationships, so dress yourself prettily and go forth and mingle widely.

Team ABARA takes this opportunity to wish you all a romantic, dreamy, good-natured and abundant New Year with all the positive energy of the Water Rabbit.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team