by ABARA SG on Jan 18, 2023


Dear Reader,

You may yet scoff at the idea of dressing according to feng shui precepts, but for much of the world, feng shui is a lifestyle concept that is widely accepted, even by the cynical and the Woke. This ancient Chinese wisdom is rooted in the Taoist principles of ‘qi’. Colours, which play a vivid role in the magic of feng shui, is vital to establishing a sense of balance and growth; Wearing the correct colours will help you welcome 2023, and bring all the love, luck and abundance promised in the Year of the Water Rabbit.

When considering the lucky colours in 2023, we can use these auspicious colours to attract positive qi and good fortune, and steer clear of elements bringing negativity and bad luck. According to feng shui experts, the 5 lucky colours in 2023 are: Sky Blue, Jade Green, Rice White, Rose Red and Imperial Yellow. It is predicted that wood and water elements (green and blue) will dominate the arts, fashion and decor this year. As this is a “ying” year, soft blues and mild greens are the dominating shades in 2023. However, while focusing on a cool palette this year, warm “yang” colours of red, yellow and white are needed to balance the energy.

Sky Blue

This colour is ideal to activate water elements but its overuse can lead to melancholy and negativity. Best to use it in small doses, such as ABARA’s Crescent Bag in azure blue. This colour can give you a boost when going for a job interview, or trying to negotiate an advantageous contract.

Jade Green

Jade Green is the colour of creation and abundance. Wear this colour when embarking on a new venture, such as moving into a new house or securing a new job. However, overwearing green can trigger feelings of envy, so use it judiciously, such as by carrying ABARA’s Tr'Apeze bag with jade green crocodile leather.

 Lacquer Red

Lacquer Red is always an auspicious, celebratory colour. Red also symbolises by love and passion, but the flip side is anger and hostility. Hence, use Rose Red sparingly in the year 2023, such as in one of ABARA’s many luxury bags in bright red.

Imperial Yellow

This warm colour can worn to boost learning and organization, and dealing in real estate or financial matters. ABARA’s signature bag, the Weekend Clutch, with it’s luxury flap of bright yellow crocodile leather is just the right element of yellow you wear without looking like Big Bird.

Rice White

Rice white symbolises precision, banking and commerce. Your can wear your whites stylishly with ABARA’s Vanity Case in cream calfskin. Use this as a top handle luxury bag or crossbody bag with its versatile straps!

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