Valentine's Day Style Guide | Elevate Your Romance with ABARA's Chic Bags!

by ABARA SG on Feb 02, 2024

Bag Recommendation for Valentine's Day

Hey there, lovebirds! As we bid farewell to the Lunar New Year, guess what's right around the corner? Yup, it's the day of hearts – Valentine's Day! While you're still rocking that New Year vibe, let's sprinkle in some fashion charm for your upcoming romantic rendezvous. This little guide has got you covered with four fabulous ABARA bags, each tailored to create those unforgettable Valentine's Day looks. So, whether it's a first date, an after-work date, a fancy dinner, or just a casual hangout, let's amp up your style and let the love shine through!


Keeps'Ake Medium Shoulder Bag in Bordo



LOOK #1: Love at First Sight

First impressions are clutch on that initial meet-up, right? A cozy coffee spot is just perfect for breaking the ice. Keep it easy-breezy with a cute and comfy ensemble – think a floral jumpsuit paired with a breezy off-shoulder top. Toss on ABARA's adorable Keeps'Ake Medium Shoulder Bag for that perfect mix of casual and chic. Trust me, you'll feel as easygoing as your outfit on that first date!


Tina Small Tote Bag in Maroon

LOOK #2: Post-Work Date Vibes

Valentine's on a workday? The struggle is real! Ease that transition with a snazzy suit jacket, a crisp shirt, and some well-fitted jeans. Slide into a comfy pair of heels and grab ABARA's Tina Small Tote Bag. It's spacious enough for your work essentials and makeup touch-ups. Head for a riverside stroll after work – it's the perfect backdrop for a serene dinner date and those twinkling night lights.


Brace Multifunction Sling Bag in Cranberry

LOOK #3: Fine Dining Romance

For that special Valentine's Day dinner, a high-end restaurant is the way to go. Picture this: a classic-coloured evening gown and ABARA's latest Brace Multifunction Sling Bag. It's got all the glam with metallic accents and smooth calf leather, turning your dinner date into a luxurious affair. Bonus: the Brace bag is versatile, fitting the vibe whether you're hand-carrying, slinging it over your shoulder, or going crossbody.


Enrica Mini Tote Bag in Oat Milk

LOOK #4: Easy-Breezy Casual Date

Even for a laid-back outing with your lover, Valentine's Day deserves a sprinkle of magic! How about a leisurely stroll in a quiet park or garden, surrounded by nature's beauty? Slip into comfy jeans, throw on a playful T-shirt or a loose-knit sweater, and sling ABARA's Enrica Mini Tote Bag over your shoulder. Opt for the Enrica bag in oat milk or maroon to balance casual sweetness with a touch of elegance.


On this love-filled day, you don't need all the grand gestures. Sometimes, those small sparks in everyday life are the real magic. ABARA's got your back with 4 date looks to make this Valentine's Day extra special and stylish! Jump onto the ABARA website, pick out your favourite bag, and add a dash of sophistication and comfort to your romantic moments. Happy Valentine's Day! 💖