Red x All Grey: A Stylish Lunar New Year Look

by ABARA SG on Jan 26, 2024

Anya Small Tote Bag in Red


Lunar New Year is just around the corner! Have you considered adding a standout red piece to your celebratory wardrobe? It's a tradition to wear new clothes and don red during Lunar New Year, symbolizing good luck and fortune. Red is timeless, bringing a festive mood and symbolizing celebration and prosperity. However, styling red can be tricky, and mismatched pairings could lead to a fashion faux pas. ABARA, Singapore's luxury brand, has introduced the 'Anya Small Tote Bag' in a vibrant red, just in time for Lunar New Year.


Anya Small Tote Bag in Red

Elegantly Refined: Anya Tote Bag

Introducing our exquisite Lunar New Year creation—the Anya Small Tote Bag. Launched as our first product of 2024, it epitomises the essence of our New Femininity series, blending practicality with intricacy to craft a subtly beautiful design. The iconic 'A' logo adds a bold touch to its appearance. Whether worn as a crossbody or on a single shoulder, it effortlessly complements casual cotton shirts and denim pants, curating a uniquely sophisticated casual look. The square-shaped bag, featuring a top opening, elevates the classic square design with a touch of sophistication. Despite its small size, it offers ample space, making it ideal for Lunar New Year gatherings or spring outings. The Anya Tote Bag is available in three exquisite colours: the subdued navy blue, a fusion of simplicity and luxury; the vibrant bright red, injecting vivacity into your New Year ensemble; and the approachable optic white, epitomising charming low-key luxury.


Anya Small Tote Bag in Red with All Grey Outfit

The 'All Grey' Trend

In the ever-evolving cycle of fashion, from the 'Dopamine Dressing’ in the summer of 2023 to the 'Maillard' trend in the fall, we now embrace the 'All Grey' theme for the year—a wardrobe steeped in shades of grey. Each season brings its own unique style, and this year, we incorporate various shades of grey to create a layered and rich look, embracing the 'All Grey' trend. The softness of grey brings about a sense of understated elegance.

Want to stay at the forefront of fashion? It's essential to keep up with the trends! While basic black and white colours go well with grey, adding silver is equally compelling. Surprisingly, red is also a great option for the all-grey-themed style! Adding a touch of red to an all-grey ensemble can bring out a vibrant focal point. Pairing the radiant red Anya with a grey outfit unveils a modern and sophisticated allure.


If you're hesitant about going all-out red or prefer a muted piece, consider pairing the All Grey outfit with a red bag. This allows you to incorporate the essential red element for the New Year while staying in vogue. Use the Anya Tote Bag in Red to craft the most stylish Lunar New Year look!