by ABARA SG on Apr 12, 2023


Dear Fashion Person,

The story behind the ABARA brand is inspiring and should prove a great interest to fashion-lovers: ABARA is a Singapore-based luxury handbag brand that is the brainchild of Yuki Yang, who founded the company in 2021; Ms. Yang is ABARA’s founder and creative director.

ABARA is a high-end and artisanal line of handbags that are carefully made in the highest-quality leathers, including the finest exotic skins in the world. It has both bespoke and ready-to-wear lines.

Beyond Fashion, Beyond Trends

Every ABARA handbag is designed as a statement of a woman’s individuality, authenticity and style. They are personal accessories that express the wearer’s personality, point of view, and lifestyle. ABARA’s focus is on designs that are timeless classics, tools to help you meet life’s challenges with a sharp sense of style.

ABARA’s creation is the story of Ms. Yang’s own extraordinary journey. Every ABARA handbag in your hand is a symbol of that first bag that Ms. Yang ever had. When she began her journey in Hunan aged 6, her grandmother had given her an ordinary canvas bag: In it contained all the tools with which she learnt the ropes of life; More importantly, the bag, which she daily kept to hand, contained her dreams and aspirations for a better life. She still keeps this old cloth bag by her side as a momentoe, and considers it her most cherished possession, a link to the girl she once was. She plans to gift this bag as an heirloom to her own daughter at the appropriate time, because the bag represents the thread of history connecting the aspirations and bonds of the women in her family.

Ms. Yang created ABARA because, as a child who started off with just one cloth bag, she wished to one day endow all girls with just this bag of dreams that has brought her so far – and ABARA is her gift to all women.

Having overcome the many challenges in the male-dominated world of bespoke luxury, she is aware of the issues that women face in work and in business. She also firmly believes that her femininity and understanding of women allow her to be a designer attuned to women’s needs. Starting ABARA from scratch has made her a strong advocate for female empowerment and gender equality, and it is her mission to inspire women to become their true authentic self, one ABARA handbag at a time.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team