Style Tip: Taking Flight

by ABARA SG on Dec 14, 2022

Style Tip: Taking Flight

Dear Miss Frequent Flyer,

With borders now fully open all over the world, many of you must be planning to travel post-COVID restrictions. There is much to consider when planning for your holidays: Where do you go? What do you really want to do when you get there? What type of a holiday do you want? What do you pack and what do you wear?

For the latter question, bear in mind the season in which you are traveling, as well as the type of travel you will be having. By type of travel, think categories such as urban tourism where you need a city-appropriate wardrobe, or a beach vacation, for which you will need to pack your cruise wardrobe; Obviously if you are going to see beautiful natural places on a trek you will need very different things than for a trip to a ski resort.

Wherever your destination, you definitely need to pack a versatile handbag: Handbags are a key accessory, and can make or break any outfit, so travel-worthiness is yet another characteristic to look out for when you are shopping for a handbag. If you have traveled with a bulky, or heavy handbag, you know how cumbersome it can be. Your travel handbag has to be spacious enough to carry all your lifesaving essentials (such as your phone and travel documents) and yet be chic enough to traipse into the coolest café for tea. Your travel handbag should be cool enough to take you from a beach bar in Bali and polished enough for that lunch in Ginza.

For travel purposes, ABARA’s B’Aguette Bag is perfect on all these counts. Its trendy 1990s minimalist silhouette means you never need to repeat that bulky handbag-on-a-trip mistake. Chronic over-packers can rejoice: ABARA’s B’Aguette Bag is slender and compact enough to neatly slip into your carry-on bag while navigating the airport.

ABARA’s B’Aguette Bag is the perfect handbag to travel with because it can be flattened. It is a flat shoulder bag without a lot of heavy hardware, and made in luxurious and durable soft calfskin. The two basic neutral tones (cream, or a monotone monogram), and the two detachable straps it comes in, means that it can go stylishly with a plethora of outfits for different locations and activities. Slim and lightweight enough to chuck into your carryon or wheelie, yet spacious enough for your all the essentials in an emergency.

So reduce your travel packing stress in half, choose ABARA’s B’Aguette Bag for your upcoming holiday!