Of Handbags, Branding and Quality

by ABARA SG on Dec 07, 2022

Of Handbags, Branding and Quality

Dear Bag Lady,

A bag has the power to uplift, elevate, and pull together an outfit. It’s a status symbol: A powerful brand name, a monogram, or a logo buckle can make a bag instantly identifiable. Whether the bag comes from a big name house or a buzzy fashion label—a branded bag has undeniable cultural cache. But on the other hand, an anonymous luxury bag seduces with its unpretentious attention to quality. A designer branded bag will elicit a compliment, but the quietly beautiful bag is actually the ultimate conversation starter. Think of style icon Mary-Kate Olsen who is always grasping some trusty, well-worn, and good quality bag with no visible branding around. What’s so interesting is the everyday use you can see on the bag – it speaks volumes about the quality of the bag and shows us how we should approach handbags.

You should always choose something of good quality, whether it has a recognizable brand name or not. Well-made handbags can come from little-known labels as well. ABARA may not be a household name just yet, but nonetheless their handbags are some of the best that are made entirely in Singapore. ABARA has a stellar hand bag that is fashioned out of deliciously rich crocodile leather with an unbreakable strap. Opulent, whimsical and elegant, the Bow Bag is the very first ABARA design to be launched. It features a bow flap that symbolizes a girl’s romantic, boundless dreams for the future. This bag is fantastic, though unfamiliar. It isn’t covered in a monogram nor a screaming logo. It is solid and discreet. But this anonymous medium-size piece is obviously of wonderful quality: Luxurious crocodile leather, a sturdy shape, and practical to boot. It is quiet elegance at its most charming.

Outstanding pieces of top quality can easily be found if you know how to look – ABARA makes top quality leather handbags at good prices. A fantastic obsidian black classic bag like ABARA’s Tr’Apeze Bag in crocodile leather, a top handle bag with a modern, smart-formal silhouette is unexpectedly elegant. Featuring our signature custom made 18K gold ‘A’ logo as a decorative focus, this will go perfectly with anything and will look good forever. Another example of classic would be ABARA’s B’Aguette Bag made with top quality calfskin in clean, unadorned 1990s lines. It could take you anywhere and it’s neutral enough for all outfits and occasions. The B'Aguette comes with two detachable straps of different lengths for versatility.

In conclusion, both branding and quality are important: if you are more concerned about fashion, then go with the more flashy brands; But if you want style on a daily basis, and are looking for a good product at realistic prices, then look out for good quality bags. Good quality simply means buying something with real value and which helps you to solve a real problem. A good quality handbag has design that is easy to understand, performs its task easily and efficiently, and becomes better and harder to part with the more it is used. A perfect description of any ABARA handbag!

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team