STYLE TIP: It's Your Choice!

by ABARA SG on Sep 21, 2022

STYLE TIP: It's Your Choice!

Dear Discerning Reader,

With today’s prices, a handbag is a big-ticket item, and the decision to buy a luxury bag comes with serious considerations. Whether it’s your first big purchase, or you’re adding to your collection, you’ll want to make sure the bag you get has all the qualities that make it worth the investment.

 3 Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Handbag:



A good bag can pull off the fine balancing act of being trendy, casual and sophisticated all at once. This means it must complement most of the outfits in your wardrobe, and you can whip it out for just about any occasion.

ABARA’s Keeps'Ake Crossbody bag is as versatile as they come. Designed to be worn in multiple ways, you can wear the Keeps'Ake bag just the way you like it -- long or short, over the shoulder with a polished skirt-suit or crossbody with jeans. Simply shorten the strap by tucking it at the base of the bag for a meeting or fashion it as a handbag by tucking it into the back compartment for dinner, and you’ve a bag for all occasions.



 A well-made bag should be effortless and comfortable to use. Well-considered design touches like magnetic closure, slip pockets and card slots should provide convenient access to frequently needed items.


Straps should be able to be worn on the shoulder or across the body give an added versatility, not to mention ease of use.  A perfect bag is one designed to be practical without compromising on aesthetics – big enough to hold what you need, but no unnecessary bulk that would cramp your style and silhouette.


ABARA’s B'Aguette bag comes with 2 different detachable straps so that at every corner and down every block, you'd never repeat a fit.



However genius, no design can overcome poor quality material. A big part of what makes a bag truly important has to do with what it’s made of. Materials like exotic leathers and calfskin are prized not only for their beauty and durability but also because it takes artisanal expertise to craft them.


At ABARA, all the bags are made with refined and top-quality leathers; The fine leathers ABARA uses are sustainably sourced from precisely the same tannery that the French luxury houses use. All our leathers are CITES certified, and are environmentally responsible and sustainably-sourced.

Each ABARA handbag represents the passion of its creators and craftsmen, imbuing it with that uniquely human touch. Each lovingly handcrafted bag takes hundreds of hours of design and craftsmanship, and is created from the highest-quality materials known to the world of fashion. The ABARA atelier comprises a team of experienced designers and craftsmen based in Singapore. They are carefully chosen from among the best in the industry, has decades of experience producing luxury exotic leather goods, ensuring uncompromising quality in every bag.