Brave New Brights

by ABARA SG on Sep 17, 2022

Brave New Brights

 Dear Reader,

To counter the minimalist shapes, and add some energy to your Fall wardrobe, designers everywhere resorted to splashes of eye-scorching colour. It must mean something when Valentino sent out an all shocking-pink collection. (well, almost: the group of all-black clothes at the end simply underscored the brightness), and on the opposite end of the designer spectrum, Marc Jacobs had sent out a crayon box of deconstructed ballgowns in primary Lego brights.

The thing to note from these examples is to apply bold colours as a monolithic, unadorned blocks. Go hat-to-heel in one searing shade wherever possible. An absinthe green is a top fashion colour; an unseasonably bright Sunkist orange, another.

Leaven the colour loaf with a white tee, or a black glove for best results, and never forget that accessories can play a part in this trend. At ABARA, we have the perfect shade of red croco (bright lipstick red!) in Bow Bag Mini just for you. Or come visit our showroom gallery and choose a shade of leather that speaks to you – browse books of leather samples in all the colours of the rainbow.