Fall-Winter 2023: Embracing Eternal Minimalism

by ABARA SG on Sep 07, 2023

Jane Small Top Handle Bag in Apricot

Introducing the next chapter of our Fall-Winter 2023: Minimalist Collection, where we invite you to immerse yourself in the everlastingly captivating world of minimalism. Unveiling new products for our Minimalist Collection, we bring you a selection of new bags designed to wrap you in warmth throughout the fall and winter seasons.


Jane, Simply Wonderful

Jane Small Top Handle Bag in Bordo

The allure of elegant modernity takes centre stage with the Jane Small Top Handle Bag. Meticulously crafted from premium calf leather, it marries stunning aesthetics with enduring durability. The choice of materials ensures an accessory that matures gracefully with time, while our signature shiny gold ABARA logo hardware radiates luxury through its exquisite craftsmanship. Inspired by the graceful lines and essence found in architectural structures, the bag’s form mirrors the angles of the letter ‘A’, a tribute to our Tr’Apeze Top Handle Bag. The sturdy braided handle, featuring A-line stitching, distinguishes it from conventional top handle bags, embodying the unmistakable ABARA touch. The detachable long strap provides the option for handheld poise or convenient hands-free shoulder wear. Balancing functionality and style, the Jane Small Top Handle Bag encapsulates classic design within ABARA’s unique aesthetic. Whether navigating bustling city streets or gracing a fashionable event, the Jane Small Top Handle Bag enables you to radiate confidence and irresistible allure.


Everyday Elegance

Jane 2 Fold Small Wallet in Apricot

The fusion of functionality and style is seamlessly echoed in our Jane 2 Fold Wallet. A perfect companion to the Jane Small Top Handle Bag, it upholds our signature elegance effortlessly. Beyond aesthetics, its design prioritises flexibility and comfort, fitting seamlessly within your bag or pocket without compromising convenience. Intricately crafted with refined details and accentuated by our distinctive hardware, it elevates the commonplace wallet into a remarkable accessory. Its minimalist design perfectly harmonises with various styles, making it an ideal choice as a gift selection.


Elevating Travel in Style

Jane Passport Holder in Sepia

No journey is complete without a passport holder, and the Jane Passport Holder pairs perfectly with our Jane Small Top Handle Bag. A blend of style and practicality ensures a stress-free check-in experience. Featuring a simple yet sophisticated design, it strikes the ideal balance between subtlety and elegance, effortlessly fitting into pockets and travel bags. Its refreshing, sleek design boasts delicate touches, while a subtle pop of colour adds a harmonious touch. Specifically crafted slots accommodate your passport, boarding pass, cash and even cards, ensuring your travels are seamless and stylish.