Embrace the Campus Vibe

by ABARA SG on Aug 31, 2023

Bella Medium Shoulder Bag in Optic White

As the back-to-school season approaches, it’s time to bid farewell to summer and welcome the cozy embrace of fall and winter. With the final days of summer vacation upon us, how are you preparing to step back into the academic rhythm? In this blog, we have curated a collection of ABARA bags to help you get ready for campus life, ensuring you will effortlessly stand out as the trendsetter on campus.

Between Lectures and Style

Voyage Tote in Monogram in Size M

Navigating the academic world requires a perfect balance. Whether you are attending lectures or tutorials, staying true to your personal style is paramount. Even in the classroom, your fashion choices have the potential to turn you into a style icon that fellow classmates want to emulate. The practical yet sophisticated Voyage Tote Bag will keep you on your feet while maintaining a fashion-forward edge. Its simple and versatile design seamlessly blends into diverse outfits, and its spacious interior accommodates not only textbooks and pens but also tech gadgets, making academics and aesthetics a harmonious duo.


Youthful Flair

Bella Medium Shoulder Bag in Butter

The campus walkway is a runway itself, where style speaks volumes. For those aspiring to become the campus fashion icon, the Bella Medium Shoulder Bag is your ideal companion. Crafted from supple lambskin in delightful shades, it exudes youthful charm. These soft tones let you showcase your personal style and radiate the magnetic allure of youth, ensuring you confidently standing out amidst the campus buzz.


Key to Confidence

Halley Large Size Hobo Bag in Optic

Want to keep it subtle yet stylish? Halley Medium Hobo Bag is all you need! Infused with a hint of nonchalant beauty, it strikes a chord between relaxed charm and refined aesthetics. Uncomplicated yet meticulously detailed, it channels an aura of poised elegance. Effortlessly drape it across your shoulder, and as you step into your classes, you will emanate an air of sophisticated confidence that captures attention without trying too hard.