Fall-Winter 2023: Embrace Timeless Elegance with ABARA

by ABARA SG on Jul 21, 2023

Keepie Mini Shoulder in Apricot

Discover the allure of timeless fashion as we unveil our exquisite Fall-Winter handbag collection. From graphic square purse to classic top handle bag, each piece is meticulously designed to elevate your entire look while being your practical companion for everyday adventures.


Keeps’Ake & Keepie: Timeless Classics in New Colours

Continuing with our top-selling handbags from the Summer 2023 collection, we are thrilled to introduced new colours that will enhance your fall-winter outfits. The classic Keeps’Ake Shoulder Bag and the charming Keepie Mini Handbag have been updated with new colours – bordo, oat milk, and apricot – each capturing the essence of the fall-winter season with subtle sophistication.

Keepie Mini Handbag in Bordo
Intriguingly rich, the bordo hue resonates with the deep warmth of red wine, exuding an air of luxurious elegance that effortlessly complements tailored coats and classic heels. Make a bold statement with our Keepie Mini Handbag in Bordo as a stylish accent to your all-black office ensemble. The rich and deep colour of the mini handbag creates a beautiful contrast against the black outfit, making it the focal point of your look.


Keepsake Shoulder Bag in Oat Milk

Embrace the cozy charm of oat milk, reminiscent of knitted sweaters and snug winter wear. Its warm undertones make it a versatile base that blends harmoniously with any outfit, providing hands-free convenience with our stylish Keeps’Ake Shoulder Bag, available in an array of cozy fabrics and versatile shades, perfect for any occasion.


Keeps'Ake Shoulder Bag in Apricot

Indulge in the delicate warmth of apricot, adding a playful and feminine touch to your fall-winter wardrobe. This soft, peachy-orange colour is a delightful choice for handbags, evoking images of autumnal sunsets and the last glow of warmth before winter sets in. Opt for our apricot Keeps’Ake Shoulder Bag or Keepie Mini Handbag to create a striking contrast against darker outfits, pairing it with navy, dark green or black for a sophisticated attention-grabbing ensemble.

Tr’Apeze: Embrace the Cool Glamour of Teal

Tr'Apeze Medium Top Handle Bag in Teal
Mark your calendars for August, when we unveil the exquisite Tr’Apeze Medium Top Handle Bag in a new colour, perfectly reflecting the essence of ‘Fall-Winter’ – teal. This captivating and versatile shade effortlessly bridges the gap between blue and green, evoking the images of serene lakes and evergreen forests of the fall-winter season, even in countries like Singapore with a single season.
The Teal Tr’Apeze Medium Top Handle Bag exudes a sense of deep tranquillity, making it an ideal addition to your year-round wardrobe. Pair it with a well-tailored black suit jacket as the foundation of your outfit and a matching grey trouser for a cohesive and sharp appearance, the grey colour adds a subtle variation to the outfit and complements the Teal Tr’Apeze Medium Top Handle Bag.

With our Fall-Winter 2023 ABARA handbags, elegance and practicality harmoniously converge, empowering you to make a statement with every step you take.