Fall-Winter 2023: Embrace Cozy Elegance

by ABARA SG on Jul 28, 2023

Tr’Apeze Lanyard with Passholder in Black/Monogram

Indulge the allure of timeless fashion with our exquisite Fall-Winter handbag collection. Staying true to ABARA’s signature minimalist aesthetic, we proudly present an exclusive range of handbag meticulously designed to elevate your entire look while being your practical companion for everyday adventures.


Bella: Effortless Sophistication

Minimalism and simplicity take centre stage in our Fall-Winter 2023 collection. To embody the essence of ‘Minimalist’, we have infused delicate details into our new bags.
The Bella Half-Moon Shoulder Bag is expertly crafted using soft and comfortable high-quality lambskin, reminiscent of the current trending “cloud bag”. Adorned with a topstitched ABARA ‘A’ logo pattern on the outside, and shiny gold hardware logo on the side of the bag. It exudes chic elegance. Available in multiple new colours – butter, kiss, and sea ice – it offers versatility, allowing you to carry it as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or handbag, making you stand out in the best way possible.

Bella Medium Shoulder Bag in Butter

Butter captures the essence of warmth and comfort, reminiscent of golden rays of sunlight gently touching the earth during the fall-winter season. This soft hue brings happiness to any outfit, perfect for a beachy vibe when paired it with a white or cream-coloured off-shoulder top and high waisted demin shorts. It compliments a variety of skin tones, appealing to all fashion enthusiasts.

Bella Medium Shoulder Bag in Kiss

The romantic and charming “kiss pink” embodies the gentle blush of rosy cheeks in the chilly weather, adding a touch of femininity and youthful allure to our Bella Half-Moon Shoulder Bag. Create a dreamy and enchanting look on a romantic date night by pairing it with neutral tones or mix it with other soft pastels.
Bella Medium Shoulder Bag in Sea Ice 
“Sea Ice” encapsulates the cool and serene beauty of frozen waters, providing a refreshing twist to traditional winter palettes. Versatile for both casual and formal wear, our Bella Half-Moon Shoulder Bag in Sea Ice adds a modern and sophisticated touch to any ensemble. Complement a breezy , oversized white dress and a wide belt on the waist for a cool and casual summer outfit.


 Halley: Chic Simplicity

Halley Large Size Hobo Bag in Black

 The Halley Hobo Bag exudes a chic and casual vibe, perfect for young women heading to school, work, or a casual stroll at the mall. Embracing the theme of our Fall-Winter 2023 collection, “Minimalist”, it comes in genuine colours that match any wardrobe perfectly. Craft from high-quality soft calfskin, its comfortable texture enhances the appeal.

 Halley Large Size Hobo Bag in Canyon

Style our Halley Hobo Bag with a casual and relaxed outfit like demin shorts and a graphic tee, layered with a lightweight cardigan for a comfortable and trendy weekend look. You can also pair it with tailored trousers, a blouse, and a blazer, adding a touch of effortless elegance to your office ensemble.


Amelia: Fashion Meets Practicality

Amelia Medium Pouch in Black Meticulously detailed, our Amelia Medium Pouch strikes the perfect balance between fashion and practicality, an ideal companion for both casual outings and formal events. Add a touch of sophistication and versatility to your outfit by using it as a styling alternative to a regular clutch or wallet. Pair it with a relaxed midi dress, demin jacket, and sandals for a laid-back yet elegant look.


Tr’Apeze Lanyard: Versatile Accessory

Tr’Apeze Lanyard with Passholder in Black/Monogram

A lanyard is versatile and practical accessory designed to keep essential items close at hand while adding a touch of style to everyday activities. A perfect companion for office professionals, event attendees, students and more. Coordinate the colour and design of our Tr’Apeze lanyard with your clothing to create a subtle and elegant office look. Opt for our ‘A’ monogram or teal lanyard for understated charm.


With our Fall-Winter 2023 ABARA handbags, embrace cozy elegance and make your fashion statement effortlessly.