by ABARA SG on May 17, 2023


Dear Miss Fashion,

ABARA is excited to launch its Summer 2023 Collection "Afterglow" with a fashion forward collection inspired by the warm rays of a paradise sunset. This collection brings summer to the city with a vibrant, colourful, and sensual designs to meet all your occasions and needs.

Summer In The City

ABARA’s Summer 2023 Collection takes on the organic hues and shapes of nature with a play of proportions on its classic designs, placing emphasis on style and functionality. We take our inspiration from nature to emphasise that ABARA advocates environmental sustainability. We use only luxury eco leather to make enduring and repairable handbags to ensure we have the lightest carbon footprint. As a tribute to ABARA’s craftsmanship and innovative design, the Summer 2023 Collection showcases ABARA’s know-how through updates of signature details and a fresh take on its proportions.


ABARA’s Summer Collection seeks to bring the beauty of a perfect sunset to a city lifestyle.

ARCTIC: The cool blue of a summer horizon at the break of dawn.

PASSION: Frangipani pink blooms like a gathering of petals, it is also the colour of a bright sunset that inspired the name "AFTERGLOW." 

BLACK: The mysterious darkness of deep sea as the day fades into night.

CANYON: This is the tan of driftwood, pebbles on a pristine beach, and the bark of tropical trees.

OFF WHITE: Is the colour of creamy seafoam, and the sugary soft sand of a perfect beach.

PASTEL PINK: The soft blush that the sun brings to a sun-kissed cheek; the pale pink of the inside of a shell.


ABARA launches this collection with a lush pictorial shoot that took the 12 member crew on an epic production.  The ABARA team sailed along on the Straits of Singapore on an immaculate luxury yacht to bring back these stunning images of the ABARA Summer 2023 Collection. We explored some of the more spectacular uninhabited Southern Islands of Singapore for the perfect seascapes as well as perfect beaches to bring the sensuality and texture of nature to our designs. We hope you enjoy the gorgeous creations!

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team