by ABARA SG on Apr 22, 2023


Dear Miss Green,

Today is Earth Day, and it is something we at ABARA believe is worth commemorating. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 annually to promote awareness and appreciation for the environment. It began in 1970, and today, is observed in more than 190 countries around the world.

Earth Day seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and the loss of biodiversity; It advocates action to address these issues by making small changes in daily lives, supporting environmental causes, and environmental policies. The theme for Earth Day 2023 is “Restore Our Earth,” which emphasizes the urgent need to restore the health of the planet.

Earth Day was originally founded in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, USA, in 1970. It came about after Senator Nelson witnessed the devastating effects of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He wanted to bring environmental issues into the national spotlight, to spur action, and create public and political awareness of the need for environmental protection. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.

Another prominent advocate of this movement is King Charles of England; He has been a leading voice in the environmental movement, and his efforts have helped raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. King Charles has always been known for his interest in organic farming and sustainable agriculture. He owns an organic farm in Gloucestershire, England, where he practices sustainable farming methods and promotes the importance of organic farming in protecting the environment and supporting local communities. He is vocal about the need for urgent action to address climate change and strongly advocates reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and protecting biodiversity and natural habitats.

We at ABARA are really committed to caring for our environment. We have made it our mission to be both socially and environmentally sustainable. The fine leathers we use are sustainably sourced. Our exotic crocodile leathers, which are used in ABARA Bespoke designs, are CITES certified, and are environmentally responsible and sustainably-sourced. ABARA’s leathers are treated with responsible chemistry. This means low impact manufacturing of leathers ensuring minimal exposure of employees, customers and the environment to hazardous chemicals and emissions. We are also use only renewable raw materials to prevent the addition of fossil CO2 in the atmosphere and reducing our dependence on finite (fossil) resources. Renewability contributes to the circularity of the whole product value chain, including end-of-life reuse, recycling, biodegradation and composting – to become fully circular. ABARA is conscious of the impact of fashion waste and we have designed our bags to last; Instead of the buy-and-throw culture of mass fashion, our handbags can be repaired and restored to last a lifetime of beautiful use.

Happy Earth Day!

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team