Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: THE COLOUR OF PASSION

by ABARA SG on Feb 11, 2023

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: THE COLOUR OF PASSION

Dear Beloved,

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, have you ever wondered why red symbolizes desire and passion? Perhaps it is because the colour red is the colour of blood and the human heart— which is the ultimate symbol of true love? Let’s not forget that the colour red is also the colour of passion, sex and danger. It is the colour of power, of being assertive, and represents hectic Yang energy. When women wear red, it is one way of asserting authority, her charisma and her sexuality. Red exudes confidence, because it dares to get noticed. When a woman wears a red gown or red lingerie, chances are that they want attention and they want to seduce.

Roses are red — but handbags are more precious! What better way to wear this colour on Valentine’s Day than wearing a bright red luxury handbag? And to give a bright red handbag truly conveys your passion, love and commitment — and which girl doesn’t want that of Prince Charming? Whether you are rewarding yourself with the truest of self-love, or you are that boyfriend seeking to find that perfect Valentine’s Gift that wouldn’t wilt by midnight or wither in a vase, look no further, the red handbag (in carbon neutral, top quality luxury leather) is the way to go!

The craftsmanship, passion and creativity of ABARA’s classic styles is a form of pure love that is exemplified in these truly timeless creations. For spring/summer 2023, ABARA offers some really high-end luxury designer handbags that deliver style, authenticity, artisanal detail and the very soul of fashion itself – in various jewel-like shades of red (and pink!). Opulent, whimsical and elegant ABARA’s Bow Bag, the very first design to be launched, features our signature bow flap. Inspired by the love and unbreakable bonds, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. ABARA also makes the Bow Bag Mini, which would make a delightful crossbody bag, or a clutch. ABARA’s Weekend Clutch is another iconic clutch bag design that is sure to thrill in those delicious red glazed crocodile leather.

Fret not if you find yourself (once again) single on Valentine’s Day – you must take this as a sign from Heaven that you must go revenge-shopping and bless yourself with an ABARA handbag in wicked and dangerous red. Who needs a dull date and a dreadful late meal, when you can slump into your plush pillows, and click over to the ABARA online shop?

We at ABARA wants to take this note to wish you all, married, coupled or single, a Lovely Valentine’s Day.

❤️❤️❤️ The ABARA Team