Styling Tips: 3 Ways to Match a Purse to Your Outfit

by ABARA SG on Nov 26, 2022

Styling Tips: 3 Ways to Match a Purse to Your Outfit

Although there’s no hard and fast rule on how your handbag should match your look, there are some clever ways to perfectly choose your purse to give your outfit a stylish boost. For example, matching your purse colour to your shoe colour makes any outfit look instantly more cohesive and polished.

Another option is to match your purse to your jacket or outerwear. This is a good method if you want to style a variety of clothes with the purse, as only the jacket and purse need to match. A clever way to match your handbag is to pick out the trims or details on your clothes to highlight with a similar colour bag. Instead of matching your bag to a block colour, focus on clothing with colour trim or details for a not-so-obvious match! So here you have it — our top three tips to help you match your handbag with your outfit perfectly. Implement these to step out in style.

  1. Choose a Bag Colour That Contrasts With Your Outfit

A contrast colour bag can tie an outfit together. A classic example of a contrasting colour combo working well together in an outfit is black and white. These shades are opposites, yet if you add a white bag to an all-black outfit, it looks chic and on-trend. The converse works just as well, a black purse with a white coat looks high fashion. Get creative and style with other contrasting colours, a fresh pairing is to wear pink with green. Although traditionally pink and green oppose each other, pastel pink and pastel green have been constantly put together for looks in the last few seasons. When you go for softer tones, the contrast isn’t too harsh, and the result is charming and chic.

  1. Choose a Bag That Complements Your Other Accessories

When studying a bag, look out for a motif or design element that can help you coordinate to your other accessories. For example, gold hardware on your bag can go with gold sandals, gold bangles, earrings and watch. With so many styles at ABARA, you can find an extensive range of different design motifs and features that can match your other accessories.

  1. Choose a Bag Shape to Complement Your Body Shape

Just like your how you would choose your clothes, your handbag also needs to suit your body shape. Different styles of handbags are more suitable for a particular body type, so make sure you do your research before shopping for one. For example, if you are curvy, big girl, choose a bag that has more rigid and slim lines. You would want to stay away from big box-shaped bags. If you are quite large, you might also want to avoid bags that are mini or tiny – these styles will only make you look like a giantess.

For people with a more petite figure, or are smaller in stature, choose a medium-sized or cross-body bags are a good choice. Stay away from oversized bags that will only make you look tiny and overly burdened.