Qixi Festival: Chinese Valentine’s Day

by ABARA SG on Aug 17, 2023

ABARA's Blue-Themed bags

 The annual Qixi Festival has come around once again! The term Qixi refers to Chinese Valentine's Day, also known as Qiqiao Festival or QiQiaoJie, a traditional holiday celebrated in Chinese-speaking regions and East Asian countries. Qixi is a day for lovers to express their affection for each other. As the festival approaches, it's common to see many couples selecting gifts for their partners and planning romantic outings to celebrate and commemorate their love. However, behind the romantic hues of Qixi lies a poignant love legend—the story of a pair of separated lovers, Niulang and Zhinü.

Most people are likely familiar with the tale of Niulang and Zhinü, so I won't delve into further explanation here. In contrast to Western Valentine's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day tells a graceful yet melancholic love story. While the original origins of Western Valentine's Day weren't primarily about celebrating and expressing love, it gradually evolved over time into the version we know today. However, when comparing the two, isn’t the bittersweet story behind Qixi more in line with everyone's impression of Valentine's Day?

When we think of Valentine's Day, we often associate it with colours like pink and red, symbolizing love and affection. However, for Qixi, blue aligns better with the imagery of the festival. This is because Niulang and Zhinü can only meet on the night of Qixi, and the colour representing the night is blue. Hence, blue is the colour that is closer to the essence of Qixi!


ABARA offers a variety of blue-themed bags for you to choose from, including cardholders, wallets, and handbags. Whatever you desire, ABARA can provide it for you.


Bella in Sea Ice: Melting the Love of Your Life

Bella Medium Shoulder Bag in Sea Ice

Our Bella comes in various colours for you to choose from, and the Sea Ice shade perfectly matches the theme of Qixi. Its simple lines, combined with delicate details, maintain an overall sense of elegance while being eye-catching and stylish. Paired with a soft, flowing pastel-coloured dress in shades like lavender or blush pink, the contrast between blue and purple or pink enhances the visual appeal of the outfit, suitable for a romantic dinner date with low-heeled sandals in complementary colours and a delicate bracelet.


Keepie in Arctic: Mini Bag Showcasing Your Unique Charm

 Keepie Mini Shoulder Bag in Arctic

If Bella doesn't quite meet your preferences, no worries! Our Keepie mini handbag is sure to satisfy your taste. The Keepie Arctic Blue mini handbag, paired with a black A-line midi dress, silver heels, and statement drop earrings or a delicate cuff, creates an elegant style with the combination of blue and black. Another elegant dinner outfit is born!


Zip-Around Wallet in Arctic: Your Best Companion for a Date
Zip-Around Wallet in Arctic

If none of these match your taste, don’t rush, we have a wonderful gift that you can give to your partner for Chinese Valentine’s Day. Our zip-around wallet is durable, practical, and fashionable, made from the finest leather. Its bold design and colour pairing, along with the contrast between the exterior and interior compartments, provide a visual surprise when the zipper is opened. With a simple yet elegant design that never goes out of style, and a compact size that fits in your pocket or bag, the wallet's exquisite and shiny gold logo at the top sets it apart from the rest. Fashionable and practical, it's the perfect gift to go for on Chinese Valentine’s Day.