by ABARA SG on Feb 04, 2023


Dear Reader,

If the recent men’s fashion weeks are anything to go by, they have shown how normalized men carrying handbags have become. Of course, in Western culture, men and handbags have had a difficult relationship; Its rigid definitions of traditional masculinity allowed a rugged backpack in summer, and a briefcase for work, or ideally nothing at all. Stuffing your essentials into your coat pockets was the thing. Jeans have five pockets for that very reason – men aren’t supposed to need a bag! But attitudes toward bags in menswear have truly changed. You don’t have to be feminine or gender fluid to wear an accessory traditionally associated with women’s fashion any more. In the last five years, handbags for men have gone from something quite shocking and remarkable, to simply one of the hottest menswear trends ever.

Needless to say, all the biggest industry players are keen to jump on board this trend because it sells a whole new category of merchandise. The rise of the men’s It-Bag simply makes business sense – there’s nothing more noble about it than pure money-lust, the obsession which defines our age. Bags are one of the largest sources of revenue for global luxury labels after all.

This trend is aided by the increasingly influential gender-neutral space of streetwear, with the younger male becoming more comfortable with shopping genderless accessories: think earrings, finger rings, bangles, chokers and such. Attitudes started shifting with the rise of streetwear and bags like belt bags and crossbody bags becoming a menswear staple. And that evolved into Pharrell Williams with a Birkin Bag. Soon the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry, all streetwear favourites, started to expand their men’s bag ranges.

Previously, men’s bags were hands-free in design, but now we’re looking at proper top handle handbags and mini shoulder bags, styled and worn exactly as women do. Male K-Pop idols are now routinely seen with Celine women’s bags and purses as they continue to challenge toxic masculinity stereotypes with their obsession with luxury fashion bags such as the classic Chanel purses, Fendi Peekaboos, and Dior Saddlebags.

At ABARA, we have a host of luxury bags for the fashion forward guy to update their wardrobes. Our best luxury belt bag is the Bow Accordion Mini, which can double as a clutch bag. Other signature ABARA bags, includes our Tr'Apeze Bag, in particular, a smart top handle bag that is practically free of branding, except for the “A” clasp. Another example of ABARA’s inconspicuous, elegant, and luxury crossbody bag is the bestselling Keeps'Ake, a design that is gender neutral and ahead of the curve.

ABARA bags are characterised by clean and sleek lines, making them seasonless, functional, and beautifully classic, and easy for any man to wear.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team