Lady In Red

by ABARA SG on Oct 26, 2022

Lady In Red

Dear Lady In Red,

Red broke out like a rash all over the Cruise 2022/23 catwalks with top brands such as Valentino, Gucci, Dior and Chanel using the colour for tweed tracksuits, long coats and gala gowns. This optimistic and auspicious red is an easy add to your wardrobe to give it a kickstart for the holiday season, from crimson corset top to stunning scarlet party dresses, red is always a powerful personal statement. Even the royals are getting in on the action; the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan Markle have been spotted wearing royally red gowns on official engagements.

What’s a colour that makes you look more powerful, as well as more attractive and wakes us up in the morning?

Clearly, red has great significance as a colour – but why should you wear it? Red can transform not only your wardrobes – but more importantly, it can transform your mood.

Red is a colour that traditionally represents masculinity; It is the colour of power, of being assertive, of a call to action, and hectic Yang energy. Red is seen as a colour of power, and often worn by women to assert their authority. As well as exuding confidence and power, red is also a way to get noticed. When a woman wears red, chances are that they want to be noticed and seen. Red can literally make you appear more attractive: For instance, when you’re wearing a red dress, or a red lipstick – it’s very sensual and alluring.

So whether you’re looking for a good first date outfit, or an important night out on the red carpet, red would make an obvious choice for making an impression. Sometimes, wearing red is all about giving yourself a pick-me-up. When you’re feeling tired and want more motivation, seeing red actually raises the pulse rate so you feel more energetic.

But if wearing full-blooded red makes you feel shy and anxious, ABARA has many red handbags that can help you adopt a spot of red in your wardrobe. Accessories are a terrific way to include bold fashion trends that you might not otherwise consider, and an ABARA handbag will always send out an attractive and powerfully sensual message.

💋XXX💋 The ABARA Team