Go Green, Young Lady

by ABARA SG on Nov 05, 2022

Go Green, Young Lady

Dear Reader,

We must all make some effort to go green and try to find a balance between the glamourous life you lead, and the impact that your lifestyle choices have on the planet; Let’s all be mindful of the need to preserve the planet, its ecosystems, and its natural resources. Not an easy feat since the fashion industry is not set up in a way that is sustainable.

The move to go green is more urgent than ever now because our planet is growing at a rate that is not sustainable; The world's population will hit 9.8 billion people by 2050, and we'd need two planets to support our current consumption. The situation is more dire than melting ice caps and tree-hugging, it's about safeguarding the future of the human species and recognizing that we are a part of nature, not separate from it.

Let’s look out for eco-friendly products when we consume, for a start. For a product to be genuinely eco-friendly it has to take both earth and human health into account. The resources used to make the item need to come from sustainable resources. For fashion, that means the materials used for the item are grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

The product should also be made with materials that can be either reused or recycled; Or made from biodegradable material that can be composted, which reduces the amount of waste heading to the landfill.

To go green also means supporting a company that is making the product you are buying, that takes into account all of the above. They should be transparent about where and how they source their raw materials. Learning about the brand you are supporting is key to avoiding greenwashing: Greenwashing is when a company uses terms like "eco-friendly", "green", "natural", etc. in their marketing which misleads you into thinking you are purchasing an eco-friendly product, which isn’t.

At ABARA, we are respectful of the environment: The fine leathers we use are sustainably sourced from precisely the same tannery that the French luxury houses use. All our leathers are CITES certified, and are environmentally responsible and sustainably- sourced. We are conscious of the impact of fashion waste and we have designed our products to be gentle on the environment. Instead of the buy-and-throw culture of mass fashion, our handbags are made to last. One of ABARA’s key USPs is that every handbag we make can be repaired and restored to its original condition, thereby mitigating waste!