Embrace the Luxurious Moment of New Year's Eve With ABARA

by ABARA SG on Dec 29, 2023

Embrace the Luxurious Moment of New Year's Eve With ABARA


In the blink of an eye, the year-end is upon us again. Are you excited for 2024?

With just two days left until New Year's Eve, do you still have no idea what to carry for the celebration?

Don't fret! ABARA has something just for you!


Brace Multifunction Sling Bag


ABARA's Brace Multifunction Sling Bag is undeniably the perfect companion for attending New Year's Eve parties! Not only designed for Christmas; it's ideal for New Year’s Eve and even Lunar New Year outings!

In the radiant moment of New Year’s Eve, we not only welcome the new year but also anticipate a whole new fashion vista. To perfectly align with this special night, the Brace Multifunction Bag is undoubtedly the ideal companion to welcome 2024 alongside you.

Brace Multifunction Sling Bag


The ingeniously designed Brace is an unmissable multifunctional bag. Whether as a versatile hand clutch, a shoulder or crossbody bag, or even used separately as a wallet, it effortlessly blends fashion into one bag.

It is also perfect for sharing with your besties! With two different colour options, whether in deep cranberry red or ABARA's classic black/monogram, both exude an air of elegance and sophistication, complemented by the shiny hardware that adds a unique visual effect.

The functionality of Brace doesn't stop there; every detail has been meticulously crafted. Want to share the bag with your friends? No problem! Simply detach it to separately own a wallet or a hand clutch. Attach the long or short straps, and voilà! Both can transform into shoulder or top handle bags!


Brace Multifunction Sling Bag


You can even combine both bags into one! The magnetic design on the bag allows effortless connection of two Braces—one side cranberry, one side black/monogram—allowing you to showcase two distinct styles effortlessly.

Whether it's a family gathering, a friend's dinner, or a romantic date, Brace complements all attire choices perfectly. From casual styles like jeans and trendy long coats to glamorous dresses, Brace's multi-functionality and fashionable design will undoubtedly elevate your outfit, making you shine at every party.

This high-quality leather bag reflects a refined sense of quality and an air of luxury. Regardless of holidays or occasions, Brace Multifunction Bag helps radiate your confidence. As the stars twinkle in the night sky, carry Brace to pave a magnificent fashion path for the new year!

Our Fashion Journey



Looking back at the past year, ABARA has come a long way from selling only exquisite crocodile leather bags to launching four collections of genuine leather bags. ABARA has gradually made its mark in Singapore's fashion scene, evolving from an obscure small brand. The opening of the first physical boutique in Singapore's Takashimaya further solidified ABARA's position in the Singaporean fashion realm.

Fashion isn't just about clothes and accessories; it's a reflection of a lifestyle. This is the luxurious experience that a high-end leather bag brand like ABARA brings—not just ornamentation but a vivid interpretation of taste and style, the goal ABARA continues to pursue.

In the coming year, ABARA hopes to introduce more innovative and fashionable bag designs for all fashion enthusiasts, allowing each carrier to exhibit their unique style and fashion sense through our bags.