Minimalist 1990s Revival

by ABARA Team on Sep 07, 2022

Minimalist 1990s Revival
Dear Reader,

It’s Fall finally, and one of the season’s top fashion trends is for a pared-down elegance. Luxury labels are (mostly) throwing out all the fashion bells and whistles to embrace plain, graceful looks after seasons of shrieking “look at me” designs.

This season, when top couture houses eschew the gilt and the bling – Dior sent out a group of gowns shorn of detail and Chanel sent out an unembellished grey tweed dress – you know minimalism is in the zeitgeist! It rather brings to mind how the masters of the mid 1990s, the iconic “Intellectuals,” including Helmut Lang, Ann Demeulemeester and Jil Sander, came to refresh vulgar 1980s fashion with pared-back looks.

It’s a 1990s revival now, and at ABARA, we have just the elegantly pared down handbags that are right on trend! Our Bow Accordion Mini in créme calf leather  is completely sleek and minimal and has an intriguing origami geometry that would perfectly go with your new minimalist wardrobe…


The ABARA Team