Care Tips for Crocodile Leather

by ABARA SG on Feb 18, 2023

Care Tips for Crocodile Leather

Dear Collector,

Congrats! If you’ve bought a high-end piece of fashion, such as an exotic leather piece from ABARA, you will want to take proper care of it so that it will last for as long as you need it to last. If you’ve bought one of our custom-made crocodile skin bags, here are a few general tips for you to can get the most useful life out of your crocodile clutch bag, or crossbody bag.

Storage Is Everything

It should go without saying that your luxury crocodile handbags should be kept in a cool, dry environment. For larger crocodile pieces, such as ABARA’s Tr’Apeze, avoid squashing them too tightly together with other bags. Because crocodile leather contains high levels of calcium deposits, the skin has that regal rigidity but that also means that the surfaces can be easily damaged, with jarring little cracks or crease marks when squeezed into a too small space or dust bag.

Keeping It Dry

Avoid exposing crocodile leather to excess water, which can cause damage to the finish; In fact, avoiding excess moisture must become your mantra if you want to keep leather looking like new. Avoid getting leather excessively wet – such as getting caught in a monsoon downpour. Crocodile leather does not repel water, it absorbs moisture like a thirsty plant and that can cause irreparable damage the leather. So, if your crocodile leather does get a soaking, it is important to clean off the excess water quickly.

How to remove excess water: Gently dab the affected area of the crocodile leather with a soft, dry towel or cleaning cloth to soak up the the excess liquid. Then hang the item out for an airing to dry out remaining moisture. Be sure to direct sunlight or any other direct heat source (such as a hairdryer!) when drying the leather, as that may cause further damage to it, resulting in discoloration or cracks.

Nourish And Cherish

When the leather is as dry as it is ever going to be, apply a leather conditioner formulated for crocodile leather to protect the finish, and keep it looking new. When applying the crocodile leather conditioner, follow the application instructions to the letter. This is no time to get creative. However, if you are having difficulty or in any doubt as to finding the right crocodile leather conditioner for the specific finish of your crocodile handbag, please do contact ABARA directly, and we will be able to advise you on the appropriate crocodile leather care product, and where to find it. If you are trying a new leather care product on a crocodile leather bag, remember to test it on an inconspicuous part of the item first to see if it affects the finish adversely (such as discoloration).

 Dust And Grime

For removing dirt, dust, and other contaminants, you must first remove the contaminant with a clean, dry cloth. For fine substances such as sand, using a slightly damp cloth to remove the dirt does make the cleaning process faster and easier, but then the leather will need to be dried and treated with conditioner afterward to reduce the risk of damage to the finish.

With proper care, crocodile skin handbags should remain beautiful and ready for use for years and years. Of course, the perfect option would be to approach ABARA directly for care tips specific to your ABARA crocodile bag. We also have an expert cleaning and care service atelier, where our restorers can help prolong the life of your exotic leather goods. Call us today!

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team