Black Leather Forever

by ABARA SG on Oct 08, 2022

Black Leather Forever

Dear Rebel,

Any fashion item in full black leather, be it in a bomber jacket, wide trousers or floor-length coat is one of the key trends worth investing in this season. This season, top labels featured lots of black leather – a collarless, androgynous blouson at Fendi; a double-breasted suit at Bottega Veneta; a biker jacket reimagined as a dress at Saint Laurent. Black leather is an ageless classic, and a recurring motif in fashion. Black leather reflects these uncertain times, with its undercurrent of unease: Think of the danger and violence implicit in biker jacket; or a black leather-clad Michael Jackson; Think of Batman and his black leather cape and mask, and all that that implies.

All this imagery is translated into a classic black leather handbags at ABARA: We’ve created the everyday bag you’ve been dreaming of, the Tr’Apeze Bag, which is a classic handbag with a modern silhouette that is unexpectedly spacious in black croco!

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team