by ABARA SG on Jul 05, 2023


Dear Ms Trendy,

A fashion bag is more than any mere handbag or purse. A fashion bag is a variety of handbag carried by fashionable individuals, not just to hold personal belongings, but more to enhance their overall style and make a fashion statement. Fashion bags come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and materials, as they are designed to complement or accentuate a designer label’s current collection, and invoke the brand’s style credo.

By this definition, ABARA’s very own fashion bag is the Crescent Bag, a bold design statement that is from its Summer 2023 collection. ABARA’s Crescent Bag serves both functional and fashion purposes. Despite its creative design, it provides a convenient space to carry essential items such as wallets, keys, phones, cosmetics, and other personal essentials. At the same time, this eye-catching bag is a wonderful fashion accessory that can elevate any outfit, add a pop of colour and interest, and express your authentic personality or fashion preferences.

ABARA’s Crescent Bag has a distinctive oval shape, and is inspired by the traditional summer baskets of the French Riviera, and has a breezy, retro vibe that is perfect for this season’s fashion trends. The outer body of the bag is made entirely of a luxurious eco calfskin, available in three colours: Passion, Off-White and Black. In terms of closure, we have cleverly used a drawstring pouch as an inner lining, and this item is made of very soft lambskin, for an added touch of luxury. The sculptural shape of the design and lack of detailing gives this bag a minimalist look, and is both a sleek and bold fashion statement, much in demand by influencers.

In terms of occasion, the Crescent Bag is perfectly suited to a breezy weekend brunch, with a fluffy white sundress, or a lazy day at the beach club, with the most dramatic of swimwear, ballet flat or sandal. It is equally in-style for a city weekend with vintage denim and a man’s shirt. Because it comes with its own long, detachable strap, it is completely versatile, and you can use it as a handbag, on the shoulder or as a crossbody.

Overall, ABARA’s Crescent Bag is a stylish accessory that combines both functionality and fashion, allowing fashionistas to carry their essentials conveniently, while making a statement about their personal style.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team