ABARA Cares: The Ethical Leather We Use

by ABARA SG on Mar 04, 2023

ABARA Cares: The Ethical Leather We Use

Dear Ms Green,

We at ABARA are really committed to caring for our environment – it’s not just mere green-washing – we walk the talk. We have made it our mission to be both socially and environmentally sustainable. The fine leathers we use are sustainably sourced from Italian tanneries that the more responsible luxury houses use. All our exotic crocodile leathers, which are used in ABARA Bespoke designs, are CITES certified, and are environmentally responsible and sustainably-sourced.

Rest assured that our stylish full-grain calfskin ABARA bags are made together with brands, partners, suppliers, leather manufacturers and other stakeholders who aspires to improve the luxury leather industry by creating environmental priorities, and exercising best practices. ABARA is committed to environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship by focusing on development and continuous improvement in production process and environmental management.

ABARA’s leathers are treated with responsible chemistry. This means the low impact manufacturing of leathers ensuring minimal exposure to employees, customers and the environment to hazardous chemicals and emissions. We are also use only renewable raw materials to prevent the addition of fossil CO2 in the atmosphere and reducing our dependence on finite (fossil) resources. Renewability contributes to the circularity of the whole product value chain, including end-of-life reuse, recycling, biodegradation and composting – to become fully circular.

This means we only use chrome and formaldehyde free leather, with a more environment-friendly manufacturing process; there’s reduced water usage in tanning as well as reduced fossil carbon content; What chemical there is complies with the ZDHC (Zero Discharge Of Hazardous Chemicals) programme requirements. We will always select environment-friendly leathers at ABARA for its reduced carbon footprint – yet have the same luxury look, feel and durability of conventional leathers.

ABARA is conscious of the impact of fashion waste and we have designed our bags to last; Instead of the buy-and-throw culture of mass fashion, our handbags can be repaired and restored to last a lifetime of beautiful use. That’s our promise.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team