by ABARA SG on Apr 29, 2023


Dear Friend of ABARA,

ABARA launches its Summer 2023 Collection this May in a fashion forward collection inspired by the warm rays of a paradise sunset. This collection brings summer to the city with a vibrant, colourful, and breezy range of designs for all your occasions and needs.

Summer In The City

ABARA’s Summer 2023 Collection takes on the organic hues and shapes of nature with a play of proportions on its classic designs, placing emphasis on style and functionality. We take our inspiration from nature to emphasise that ABARA advocates environmental sustainability. We use only luxury eco leather to make enduring and repairable handbags to ensure we have the lightest carbon footprint. As a tribute to ABARA’s craftsmanship and innovative design, the Summer 2023 Collection showcases ABARA’s know-how through updates of signature details and a fresh take on its proportions.


ABARA’s Summer Collection seeks to bring the beauty of a perfect sunset to a city lifestyle. The blue of a summer horizon at the break of dawn spreads over the Keeps’Ake sling bag; Frangipani pink blooms like a gathering of petals on our trendy mini Keepie; The black of an obsidian pebble gives our sculptural Crescent handbag the dark sensuality of a new moon; and earthy natural brown gives the Voyage Tote versatility and sensuality.



Inspired by the shape of classic Sicillian straw bags, the ABARA Crescent Bag is the perfect summer accessory. The sculptural crescent-shaped fashion bag is a whimsical, eye-catching accessory that will make any outfit more interesting – instantly. From sunset cocktails at a resort, to a girls’ weekend brunch, to a day in the city, the Crescent Bag is instantly recognisable. Closed with a stylish yet practical drawstring design in sensual lambskin, it comes with a versatile detachable calfskin strap which enables it to be carried as a sling bag or crossbody bag.

Colours: Afterglow Pink, Passion Pink, Breezy Blue, Canyon, Off White, and Black



The ABARA Keepie is the precious baby of the Summer Collection, an adorable mini bag. Friends of ABARA will immediately identify The Keepie as the miniature of the ABARA bestselling Keeps’Ake shoulder bag launched in 2021.

The Keepie has retained all of the Keeps’Ake’s original shape and proportions, but updated to a minibag size to keep in trend with demand for smaller bags that are still spacious enough to contain every girl’s essentials.

Where The Keepie differs from The Keeps’Ake is that it comes with two straps, to maximise styling versatility. A hand strap allows the Keepie to be carried as a youthful and flirtatious mini handbag. This hand strap is also designed to allow the Keepie to be attached to the Keeps’Ake as a matching accessory.

A second, detachable shoulder strap is provided for extra practicality and versatility, so you can style the Keepie as a shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag.

Colours: Afterglow Pink, Passion Pink, Breezy Blue, Canyon, Off White, and Black


Tote bags are perfect for summer, as they are spacious and versatile. ABARA’s Voyage Tote is the perfect city tote bag, which is both stylish and practical, with enough space to carry all of your daily essentials for a day out in the city, or for travel. The Voyage Tote has a minimalist design, with clean lines and a neutral palette that would match any outfit, for a boy or a girl.

The Voyage Tote is made from high-quality materials, such as our “A” Monogram coated canvas or calf leather, to ensure it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It comes with sturdy yet comfortable straps that can be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand, with enough padding to prevent discomfort.

The interior is spacious and well-organized, with multiple compartments and pockets for storing different items, such as a dedicated pocket for a laptop or tablet.

Colours: “A” Logo Canvas, Canyon

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team