A Handbag Is Forever

by ABARA Team on Nov 12, 2022

A Handbag Is Forever

Dear Miss Penny Wise,

With inflation being what it is, it comes as no surprise that the shopping classes have cottoned on to the fact that certain luxury brands have increased prices for handbags, while the quality has declined. Contrary to this trend, ABARA bags remain the gold standard in quiet luxury.

ABARA handbags are devoid of giant logos and ostentatious branding but instead have distinctive designs and craftsmanship techniques that those in the know instantly recognize. Each ABARA creation takes days to make using time-honoured craftsmanship techniques, and yet, the prices remain surprisingly reasonable.

The brand also reinforces the longevity of its products by making available refreshes and repairs on its handbags. ABARA’s handbags restoration services, which are personally attended to by our experts in leather care and experienced craftsmen, will certainly prove attractive to all handbag connoisseurs. ABARA handbags are also really durable because we use the finest leathers: unfortunately scratches are inevitable for the careless. With our repair services just a quick click away, you’ll be able to send your damaged bag in for a quick fix rather than throwing it away.

An ABARA handbag is made with extraordinary craft and care, as it is with exquisite design and creativity. Not only do we make a bag to last, we are able to offer services to ensure the long-term preservation of our products. ABARA bags are timeless in design and, combined with the durability of the leathers, make a strong statement of its continuous commitment to environmental sustainability. ABARA is determined to bring you the best value by adhering to the highest standards of the craft in a world that is cutting corners to increase profits at the expense of customers and quality. In ABARA we trust.