by ABARA SG on Jul 12, 2023


Dear Reader

ABARA’s Tr’Apeze Bag is among its bestsellers, and although it was from the brand’s very first collection, this style remains a popular choice with customers today.

Launched in 2021, ABARA’s Tr’Apeze Bag is a polished, ladylike handbag with a top handle. It comes in calfskin, in beautiful basic shades in the ready-to-wear collection, and also in precious croco leather in our Bespoke collection. This design is named for the shape of its body – a trapezium – in geometry, defined as a quadrilateral shape with only one pair of parallel sides.

In the case of the Tr’Apeze Bag, this elegant shape is particularly pleasing for having great stability and balance. Let’s not forget that a trapeze is also a short horizontal bar hanging from two ropes, on which acrobats perform feats of athleticism and dexterity. Swinging trapeze is an act performed on a trapeze swinging in a forward–backward motion, using the momentum of the swing to execute the tricks. This act requires a great deal of strength, grace, and flexibility, not unlike a woman going about her daily life.

A flying trapeze is a trapeze act where a performer grabs the trapeze bar and jumps off a high platform, or pedestal board, so that gravity creates the swing; As the performer swings back above the pedestal board, the performer often releases the bar and is caught by another performer, who hangs by their knees on another trapeze, or sometimes on a cradle, which can be either stationary or also swinging.

Inspired by the energy and fervour of being on the go in any modern city like London, a cosmopolitan city rich in history, that takes a leap into the future with advanced technology every step of the way, but never forgets its roots in the past. ABARA has created the everyday bag you’ve been dreaming of. The Tr’Apeze Bag is a classic leather top handle bag with a modern, smart-formal silhouette that is unexpectedly spacious. Its flap is highlighted with our signature custom made gold ‘A’ logo for added glam.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team