5 Fashion Resolutions For The New Year

by ABARA SG on Dec 28, 2022

5 Fashion Resolutions For The New Year

Dear Fashion Lover,

The good thing about style resolutions is that we can always try again. Every new year is a time for change, growth, and restarts. Whether it's cleaning-out your handbag closet to add new pieces, or changing your style completely, or shopping eco-friendly, give yourself the joy of a new ideas and inspiration with these 5 fashion resolutions to vamp up your style, get rid of negativity, and start the new year off on a wonderful note. 

Resolution 1: Shop Better

Declutter and do a Marie Kondo on your fashion closet, say goodbye to those impulse buys that are sitting in your closet, collecting dust, and say hello to free closet space. Make the dreaded closet clean-out more positive by chanting the mantra “shop better, shop better.” See if any of your old and frankly ridiculous fashion purchases can be sold to second hand resellers, or give to friends who might suit the pieces more than you; a neighbour would do because the idea is to get rid of the items immediately. Or call your recycler and toss them a bag of your fashion mistakes that are still in good condition but no longer spark recognition, much less joy.

With the new closet space, shop better: buy good quality, well made and beautifully designed items such as an ABARA handbag, which will stand the test of time, rather than 30 inexpensive items to toss out next year!

Resolution 2: Choose Sustainable

With climate change causing food shortage everywhere, and people wanting to do better for the planet, being eco-conscious and supporting businesses that have a good moral and ethic code is something to take into consideration next time you shop. ABARA is committed to sustainable practices such as transparent supply chains, to zero-waste manufacturing, to using recycled or upcycled materials; Our top-quality leathers are geared towards earth-friendly means of creating luxury.

Because each ABARA piece is made to last a lifetime and beyond, you will end up de-cluttering the world because you are effectively shopping less by shopping better and not contributing to fashion waste.

Resolution 3: Experiment with Colours

In the new year, step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with bright colours. Take inspiration from spring fashion collections and note the colours that are going to be trending. Colours can be intimidating if you’re more of a reticent type, but the key is to find options that complement your safe wardrobe. Even if you intend to stick to a basic black, navy and khaki wardrobe, adding colour in a handbag can really make a difference.

For 2023, ABARA has a delicious range of colours to add a boost to your style and morale! We will be adding to our other fabulous leather colours such as lipstick red, jade green, and etc. There will be endless shades to suit every inclination and personality type!

Resolution 4: Support Small Businesses and Young Labels

With galloping inflation affecting businesses across the board, it's important to recognize and support small businesses and young labels such as ABARA. You'll find unique pieces that no one else will have, and you will also be supporting young talent, craftsmanship and entrepreneurs. You should always choose something of good quality, whether it has a recognizable brand name or not. Well-made handbags can come from little-known labels. ABARA may not be a household name just yet, but nonetheless their handbags are some of the best that are made entirely in Singapore.

Resolution 5: Repair Your Old Things

During your declutter, you will learn why many once-loved designs end up banished to the back of your wardrobe: They need a fix. We could all learn basic cleaning and repair skills—there’s a ton of Tik Tok tutorials — but if you’re time starved, ABARA has an atelier that will handle repairs for you. At ABARA, our expert leather craftsmen will handle handbag repairs or completely refresh and restore your older items into something almost new. In this way, you are also helping to reduce fashion waste and recycle cherished items!