by ABARA SG on Jun 24, 2023


Dear Party Queen,

In the realm of fashionable weekends, where elegance intertwines with lashes of cocktails, there exists a delightful companion known as the clutch bag. As a true embodiment of girlish sophistication, this small yet mighty accessory possesses the power to captivate hearts and turn heads with its understated charm.

ABARA’s classic bespoke design, the Weekend Clutch, is a compact treasure crafted with meticulous precision and adorned with the finest materials. Soft, supple croco leather with luxurious finishes caress your fingertips as you reach out to it. Its dimensions are purposefully designed to fit snugly within the palm of your hand, and its handle allows you to dangle it effortlessly on three or even one finger, with poise and flirtation.

Within this exquisite creation lies a world of endless possibilities. As you delicately un-snaps its beautiful flap closure, you unveil a space for secret keys, dreams, and aspirations – and an odd earring or two.

The Weekend Clutch, with its discreet and quiet luxury, is a trusted confidant as it accompanies you on your weekend adventures. Whether gracing a wedding mass, mingling at a soirée, or simply strolling along the cobblestone streets of a medieval city, it remains by your side, transforming each outfit into a polished OOTD .

Consider the attention to detail lavished upon this accessory. Delicate hand finishes embellish the most exotic of croco skins, from intense jewel tones to iridescent polish, lacquered lights dance upon its surface, adding a touch of luxury to any ensemble. This clutch bag is an artistic expression of your authentic self, a canvas for creativity: it becomes a expression of your individuality and personal style. Be it a classic red, or a combination of audacious colours, or a bold mix of leathers and finishes, each style speaks volumes, becoming an extension of your persona, whispering your unique story.

The Weekend Clutch transcends the constraints of time, effortlessly adapting to any occasion or era. It evokes the spirit of old Hollywood glamour, reminiscent of the iconic starlets who graced the silver screen with elegance and sophistication. Yet, it also possesses a contemporary flair.

So, let the Weekend Clutch be your trusty accomplice, as you traverse the cocktail parties of life. It is a symbol of refinement and femininity, a vessel of dreams and desires. Highly versatile, take it as your perfect plus-one to a glamorous function. Large enough to hold everyday essentials, it has a detachable, mid-length strap, enabling it to transform into a shoulder bag for a handsfree option – what’s not to love?