by ABARA SG on Jun 14, 2023


Dear Miss Fashion,

It seems now that fashion is ubiquitous and the fashion business is everyone’s business. Fashion shows are very much an ongoing phenomenon these days, with presentations of one season bleeding into another nonstop. The Cruise 2024 Shows are a case in point: It feels like fashion is now just a slew of constant shows and grabbing for attention. But if the Cruise 2024 shows proof anything, it is that fashion is not just focusing on clothes any more. The key focus now seems to be only bags rather than clothes. A must-have accessory, whatever the season, for both men and women is a bag. The It-bag has overtaken the old, and is in tune with the present times: The tote bag, the messenger bag, the sling, the clutch, the hobo bag etc. These are the various types of fashionable bags that anyone is talking about now when they are talking about fashion.

Importance of Trendy Fashionable Bags

Along with necessity, beautiful and smart bags double the style in Cruise 2024. There have been many changes in fashion, but the handbag is always present. Outlandishly fancy, as at Louis Vuitton, or lady-like prim as at Dior, the handbag is an essential part of every collection. There seems to be a bag for every occasion and then some, because out trotted each look modeled by each model carrying a bag. A look is not complete without designer clothes, trendy jewelry and a matching bag – which has become the embodiment and expression of the personality of the collection and the season.

Once upon a time brands sent out very few simple bags but now fashion has changed completely. The design and style of the bags now come in bewildering variety. All types of sizes and shapes, from mini-small to extra-large bags with attractive to zany designs can be seen on runways.

Bag fashions is mainly influenced by the trends on social media now. For instance, at one time, it is seen everywhere online that influencers were using long crossbody bags a lot – then fashion labels made tons of crossbody bags. In terms of colour, the era of the black all-purpose bag is over. Now social media girls like colour and so the love of color is influencing the Cruise 2024, with fashion offering them every colour of the rainbow. At ABARA, we are always on top of trends and our latest ready-to-wear bags come in this season’s colours – and more. We still have the perfect neutrals in the most classic of shapes – and we have black!

ABARA handbags are designed to fit into this season’s looks – whatever the season.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team