by ABARA SG on Apr 05, 2023


Dear Reader,

The fifth of April seems to be a wonderful day for personal style as on this day, some really fashion-forward, creative and stylish celebs celebrate their birthdays today!

First up is veteran British Victoria Hamilton, who is a versatile actor who has played a wide range of roles across different genres. Her acting style can best be described as naturalistic and nuanced, and she brings her talent for portraying complex characters with subtlety and depth, often using subtle gestures and facial expressions to convey emotion, to her renown roles playing Queen Victoria in the movie biopic, as well as the Queen Mother in the first two seasons of of "The Crown" on Netflix.

In her performances, Victoria Hamilton often displays a restrained elegance and understated grace, and this is reflected in her personal style. She has a commanding stage presence and can effortlessly captivate her audience in her elegant and appropriate formal attire. Her performances are often marked by a sense of authenticity and honesty, and this comes across in her daywear style, which is always polished, but also practical: ABARA's classic Tr'Apeze handbag is perfect for Victoria.

Next, we have yet another English Rose in the actor Lily James. In terms of her personal style, Lily James is known for her classic and feminine fashion sense. She often wears elegant dresses and tailored suits that highlight her natural beauty and sophistication. James's personal style aligns with the characters she portrays. In "Cinderella," she played the resilient princess in beautiful, voluminous ball gowns; In "Downton Abbey," a fashionable and elegant aristocrat of the 1920s. Her personal style tends to be more practical and functional, and will go well with ABARA's Vanity Case or Bag'Autte, with a focus on comfort and movement. She often wears practical, yet stylishly fitted outfits that allow her to highlight her hourglass figure with lots of glitz.

Lastly, we have rapper and Louis Vuitton Men’s creative director, Pharrell Williams. Pharrell Williams is considered a great fashion icon because of his unique and eclectic style. He’s known for pushing boundaries and experimenting with fashion, and his style signature is playful, bold, and innovative. He is a style leader who is not afraid to take risks with his fashion choices: pastel colours, bold prints, heavy bling and unusual hats have become his iconic fashion items, reflecting his personality and inspiring a generation to embrace their own unique style.

XXX 💋 The ABARA Team